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We’re inspired by the patients who have bravely faced their disease and Fluid Overload, as well as the family and friends who help them navigate diagnosis and treatment.

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Meet Bridgette

Bridgette was diabetic, and had just been diagnosed with heart failure. She had been feeling unwell for a while. Her doctors diagnosed her with Fluid Overload, and put her on diuretics. As their effectiveness waned, she was hospitalized, unable to breathe or walk.

“I am alive today because of Aquadex. If they say you need it — get it. You can get back to a normal life.”

Her doctors recommended Aquadex Ultrafiltration Therapy. After just one session, her discomfort nearly vanished overnight. She completed more treatments with Aquadex and now her confidence is sky-high.


“I couldn’t believe it when I saw all that water coming out of the machine. Did I spring a leak, or what? Now I’ll be able to enjoy my life. No one believes in miracles anymore, that is too bad. That machine saved my life.”


Meet Fernando

Fernando was a veteran enjoying an active, retired life in San Diego until an autoimmune disorder called Grave’s Disease took over, wreaking havoc on his thyroid. Gradually, over a few months, his lower body gained significant weight until one day, he was taken to the ICU — his heart was under tremendous strain.

“I felt a new vigor to fight. There was so much I wanted to do… I would say Aquadex definitely saved my life.”

His cardiologist recommended Aquadex therapy. After a number of treatments and over 80 lbs of excess fluid removed from his body—Fernando’s condition got to a manageable place. Since then, he’s slowly built his strength and mobility back and is nearly back to normal, enjoying his golden years.


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We’d love to hear the impact that Aquadex has had on your life, and not just because it warms our hearts. Sharing your story could inspire hope for someone else — and maybe even save their life.

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The Aquadex system gently and precisely removes excess fluid from the body. Simplified ultrafiltration with the Aquadex can be a life-changing alternative to diuretics and other, more complicated renal replacement technologies.


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