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Meet Aquadex by Nuwellis: a novel therapy for Fluid Overload (aka hypervolemia). If you’re taking diuretic medications but you’re not getting relief, Aquadex therapy can help restore your fluid balance.

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Our technology is safe, gentle, and effective1. But don’t take it from us; hear it from the folks who know it best — our patients.

"Aquadex saved my life. I will tell everyone about it."- Bridgette, Aquadex Patient


Meet Bridgette

Bridgette had a history of heart problems. But one day, things felt worse than usual. She felt bloated and was struggling to breathe and walk. Her doctor diagnosed her with Fluid Overload caused by heart failure and recommended Aquadex. She was home a week later and is now enjoying a level of comfort she hasn’t had in years.


Meet Fernando

Fernando was a military veteran without much of a medical history. After he was diagnosed with Grave’s disease, his condition deteriorated until he was admitted to the ICU. His cardiologist told him fluid was backing up in his body, putting enormous strain on his heart. Treatment via Aquadex removed over 80 pounds of excess fluid from his body, bringing his condition under control. Now his strength is back, and he’s nearly back to normal, enjoying retirement.

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Ultrafiltration Therapy

The Aquadex system gently and precisely removes excess fluid, mainly water and sodium, from the bloodstream over a series of short treatments.
Simplified ultrafiltration with the Aquadex system can be a life-changing alternative to diuretics and other, more complicated renal replacement technologies.

“I am alive today because of Aquadex. If they say you need it — get it. You can get back to a normal life.”- Bridgette

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  • 1. Bart BA et al. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2005; 46(11):243-246