NSM 2022

National Sales Meeting

By Laura Serrano  /  August 12, 2022

Nuwellis Sales Teams Aligns on Strategy at National Sales Meeting

Nuwellis recently came together for our National Sales Meeting in Minneapolis. Over three productive days in July, sales team members shared their experiences in the field, participated in training, and built plans for driving strong performance and achieving growth targets this year.

John Kowalczyk

“Our annual National Sales Meeting is an important opportunity for our sales team to hear about our key strategic priorities, which include expanding our presence in outpatient facilities that treat heart failure patients. The training and tools provided at the meeting have helped put the team in a strong position to support the needs of our customers while accelerating the adoption of Aquadex therapy this fiscal year,” said John Kowalczyk, Vice President of Sales.

The theme of the meeting was One FORCE, representing the five core principles of Focus, Ownership, Resilience, Collaboration, and Execution.

The need to focus on delivering the outpatient strategy and Nuwellis’ mission to improve the lives of patients who suffer from fluid overload was a key theme of the meeting.

Driving ownership and understanding of Nuwellis’ clinical strategy is important for sales success. A mix of didactic and hands-on learning sessions were hosted during the meeting, including a clinical education session on heart failure, a clinical research update, and a hands-on wet lab with the Aquadex SmartFlow system.

Having persevered through several years of a pandemic when in-person meetings were difficult, the sales team focused on staying strong and resilient to take a message of hope for treating fluid overload to the world.

Many examples of Nuwellis’ collaboration with leading clinicians and researchers working with fluid overload were featured during the meeting – and the need for further collaboration as the team focuses on new customers was highlighted.

The meeting provided an opportunity to celebrate new accounts and welcome three new hires to help expand the reach of Aquadex therapy to even more patients.

The meeting’s keynote speaker was Dr. Ramesh Emani, Associate Professor of Medicine at The Ohio State University. Dr. Emani is a national leader in using ultrafiltration in an outpatient setting. He spoke about using Aquadex and how it can reduce hospital readmissions and costs for people with heart failure and fluid overload. His experience with Aquadex gave the sales team valuable insights into the daily needs of physicians and patients, which will serve them well in their discussions with providers. The physician perspective from Dr. Emani also helped ground the sales team’s work in the meaningful impact ultrafiltration can have on patients.

The sales meeting also provided opportunities for team-building activities and for recognition of the achievements of the sales team during the annual gala. Many members of the team were celebrated, but top honors went to Tim McCabe who received the President’s Award for his exceptional sales performance last year, and to Kelsey Newell who received the John Erb Award for best exemplifying the Nuwellis core values.

The sales team is motivated as one force and has already hit the ground running since the meeting in July.

They are aligned across the organization on sales strategy and are ready for a great year ahead improving the treatment of people suffering from fluid overload.