Fantastic Five – Meet the Nuwellis 2021 Interns

By Laura Serrano  /  July 29, 2021

What do you get when a group of talented women interested in making a difference come together for the summer? If you guessed the 2021 cohort of Nuwellis interns, you’re right. For about the last 10 years, Nuwellis has helped young people gain real-world work experience in their chosen field, with new programs and support tools added each year. This year’s program kicked off in June, with several leading members of our Engineering and Marketing Departments mentoring five young professionals. And while the program isn’t over yet, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give our interns a shout-out on National Intern Day!

The intensive summer-long internship program starts with a deep dive into the Nuwellis history, mission, model, and more. This foundation in what we do, how we do it, and why it matters ensures they’re set up for success in their respective areas of focus. And that’s just the beginning — our interns are enhancing their education and establishing their careers while building lasting relationships in the industry.

Our Engineering, Operations, and Quality Departments have been joined by:

  • Allie Paterson
    Mechanical Engineering Major at University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
  • Emily Sjelin
    Mechanical Engineering Major and Bioengineering Minor at North Dakota State University
  • Estefania Cruz Casillo
    Biomedical Engineering Major at University of Minnesota
  • Melanie May
    Biomedical Engineering Major at University of Minnesota

Our Marketing Department has been joined by:

  • Isabella Alaimo
    Finance/Marketing Major with a Health, Medicine, and Society Minor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania

The purpose of the Nuwellis internship program is to offer students an opportunity to gain leadership experience, learn practical job skills for future careers, and develop as they are mentored by full-time staff members. Our impressive group of interns has already done some amazing work in support of our team.

We interviewed each of our interns to ask them about themselves and learn a little bit about why they chose to join Nuwellis.

Some of the top reasons they cited for interning with the Nuwellis team included:

  • Being a part of a company that is making a difference
  • Knowing their work would impact others
  • Hands-on opportunities to learn in a real-world environment
  • Supporting a company that offers a unique solution to a common problem through innovation
  • Being inspired by the Nuwellis mission to improve the lives of people suffering from fluid overload

Tune in to see the full interviews with our hardworking group of interns here: Nuwellis YouTube Channel